Unconditional love is that of a parent and child, of mother and son, father and daughter, of family.

If you are one of Betoota’s most sought after and celebrated financial parenting experts like me, then you’d have spent decades raising your kids to understand how money works.

You also would’ve hoarded a veritable mountain of wealth in the form of land, cash, property and shares. All of these hard earnt riches would of course be earmarked for your darling kids whom you raised with your own hand.

The darlings you nurtured for decades, got them through school, helped them navigate the big bad world and never asked for anything in return.

Your darling kids. Those people you haven’t seen in a while now. Those strangers that won’t return your calls even though they always have a phone on them.

Those idiots who’ve become so woke that whenever you do manage to get a moment of their time, all they do is school you on how your social views are outdated, exclusionary or un-PC.

Your darling fuckwit kids, who have not a shred of respect for you or anything you’ve done for them. You, the very person that supports them still! They won’t call you but they’re happy to text and demand you pay their rent again this month.

And in all this you leave nothing for yourself. Emotionally, physically or financially.

You don’t want to blow their inheritance. That would be wrong.

But then again, you barely know these people anymore. And when you do speak with them you definitely can’t understand them. It’s like trying to push a triangle through a circle. It pains you to admit but they are dickheads aren’t they?

I’m here to tell you that it’s time for payback. Its time you stopped being so selfless, it’s killing you! These ungrateful kids need to learn a lesson, a painful one at that.

Here’s what you do: Start living for yourself again by quietly spending your woke kids inheritance. Buy a new couch. Then a brand new car – they won’t even notice.

Upgrade your kitchen, yes now you’re living. Don’t put off your dreams any longer.

Round the world trip? Yes please! Twice over!

And at the end, if they manage to spare a moment to show up to your funeral, your Estate Lawyer can give them the good news.


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