In an incredible lapse of judgement, a famous international movie star’s PR team has completely forgotten to tee up a kick around with an AFL team while the celebrity stops into Melbourne this week.

Ignoring page three of the Publicity handbook, Melissa McCarthy’s publicist somehow forgot to organise the mandatory ritual for the visiting global star.

“Yeah, it’s obviously a pretty big fuck up, and I’m working the phones now to try and drop into a preseason training for a quick pic,” said the stressed-out publicist.

The obligatory posing with an AFL club jersey and kick around with the team’s players is a given for any notable international celebrity, with anyone from Mr Bean to the Rock to Natalie Portman taking part in the rite of passage.

While McCarthy has previously posed with the perennial cellar-dwellers the North Melbourne Kangaroos, that was some 4 or 5 years ago.

“Mel even bought a footy when she went for a walk this morning because she thinks they’re funny, so I feel pretty stupid for forgetting to organise anything,” said McCarthy’s publicist.

“I guess if I don’t hear back we’ll just have to head down to the park and get some photos of her kicking the ball to one of us,” she said.

“Jesus, my boss is going to kill me. Fuck, surely Carlton could do with some good publicity for once, hopefully they call me back in a minute.”


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