In some breaking news, both Channel 9 and Fox Sports have told their archivers and video editors to get to work immediately this afternoon.

It is believed that due to some developments in a court case down in New South Wales today, there is now a lot of blue coloured film on the cutting room floor of both North Sydney and St Leonards.

Namely, 70% of all highlights from the 2014 streak-ending NSW Origin win have been thrown out.

Any future references to this series will be focused on only Brett Morris, and maybe Trent Hodkinson’s decision to wear a sports bra.

This drought-breaking State Of Origin moment which will now be remembered as the most hollow victory of all time, and one that Queensland probably should have won if not for a few dubious refereeing decisions.

Thankfully the ‘baby blue’ NSW origin renaissance has given the TV networks plenty to work with for any future promos, and they are no longer relying and the video of you-know-who crying.

The Parramatta Eels are also going about taking a few framed photos down in their Leagues Club today, and will no longer be playing any more videos from their 2009 Grand Final loss to the Melbourne Storm – in fact, they are now just as happy as the Storm are to forget that year ever existed.

The San Francisco 49ers were approached for comment, but a spokesperson for the NFL club made it clear that they don’t have any records or match highlights that need to be erased.


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