The Morrison government is getting it from all angles this week, as both the media and opposition continue to dig up more and more damning evidence over the government’s treatment of a female staffer who alleges to have been raped 50 metres from the Prime Minister’s office.

On top of that, not even three professional photographers could paint Morrison’s meeting with the Australian Medical Association in even a remotely positive light, as it becomes clear that the vaccine roll-out has been completely bungled, and hardly anyone will be immunised before the end of 2021.

There’s blood in the water within his own ranks too now, as a good portion of supposed Morrison loyalists make it clear they will be voting in favour of a Royal Commission into Veteran Suicide, just over a month out from ANZAC Day – a solemn commemoration that the Liberal Party have traditionally utilised as their most successful branding exercise as the true blue party for proud Aussies.

There is even talk amongst the returned servicemen and servicewomen community of boycotting ANZAC Day in favour for a protest outside Parliament House if more isn’t done to address the urgent issue that is homelessness and mental illness amongst veterans.

This is not to mention the billions of dollars of compensation the government has been forced to pay in compensation to vulnerable Australians who have been exploited by the illegal ‘robodebt’ scheme, which was a disastrous attack on the nation’s working class dreamed up by the Attorney-General Christian Porter who is now hiding out on paid mental health leave in Perth.

As the party descends into chaos, the only politician to have opted to front the media to clean up after his bumbling colleagues every day, is beginning to wonder if he should have focussed a bit more on his career as a professional tennis start.

The last man standing in the Federal Cabinet to have served as an esteemed minister to both factions of the Liberal Party under Prime Minister Abbott and Turnbull, Josh Frydenberg MP, has not yet thrown in the towel and disappeared for a month of paid compassionate leave as the going gets tough.

As the only competent statesman and negotiator left in the Prime Minister’s inner-circle following the Post-Turnbull brain drain, Frydenberg has been given all of the big jobs.

Namely, negotiating with the tech platforms on behalf of media publishers, while also preparing the 2021 Federal Budget, as well as sparring with state leaders over the continuous snap border lockdowns that continue to stagnate the economy.

Today in Question Time, as the smirking Prime Minister berated the opposition for merely asking questions around why the Liberal Party has chosen to not formally investigate any of the several rape scandals they are currently embroiled in – Frydenberg began wondering how things got to be this bad.

“How the fuck did I end up sitting here with these fucken morons?” Frydenberg wonders to himself, as he shudders to the sounds of Peter Dutton’s soul-less giggling.

“I used to play against Rafter and Philippoussis”

“What am I doing here?”

“What is being achieved?”

” I would have been far better use to the world if I stayed in Burwood helping coach kids on their backhands”

With yet another explosive ABC 4Corners just a few hours away, Frydenberg thinks back to better days, before he was forced to work alongside people who’s religious prejudices mean they will never give him their support as Prime Minister.

“Haha” he chuckles.

“I wonder how the scud is doing nowadays anyway?”


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