If you are one those people who have racked up weeks of gametime pretending to be Lionel Messi in a smokey living room full of empty cans of VB, then you will be excited to learn that the newest FIFA 23 will hit shelves Friday.

Just in time for the World Cup, the newest instalment marks the 30th version of the famous video game, and promises hundreds of new features aimed at rubbing salt in the wounds of your mates who are just flat out shithouse.

On top of a new set of player ratings, a ranking system of the best dribblers, passers, and the fastest and best overall players – FIFA 23 will also include improved graphics and movements, additional gameplay modes, updated rosters, and added features.

One of the most exciting new additions is the ‘Sam Kerr backflip’ which gamers can activate to celebrate a goal, and torch any opponents who just plain suck.

FIFA 23 marks the first game to include a female footballer on a global FIFA cover and the first time ever women’s clubs are in game, as the Women’s game continues to rise in prominence thanks pioneers like Sam Kerr.

In the lead up to Friday’s release, the best women’s players in FIFA 23 have been revealed by EA SPORTS.

Aside from our beloved Aussie Sam, Spanish midfielder Alexia Putellas and Norwegian forward Ada Hegerberg also feature as top-rated players in the game – with Putellas listed as the best women’s player by rating.

However, it’s the Sam Kerr backflip that will be getting the most airtime on TikTok, as EA SPORTS intentionally include features that are aimed to antagonise opponents – both online and at home in the living room – until absolute boiling point.


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