Tipping the scales at 110kg thanks to his pork loin-like claves, Aiden ‘Boof’ Tookey has deep down always believed he’s an outside back stuck in a front rower’s body.

With hands-on his head, clutching for deep gasps of air, the 4th Grade Betoota Dolphins Prop is believed to be sucking in the big ones this evening after a late Tuesday night jog around the block.

A club favourite, who’s often called upon to anchor the final leg of any post-game boat race, the 29-year-old told The Advocate he was enthusiastic to start the season, after “heading out for a trot” before next week’s first trial match.

Whilst rubbing thick beads of sweat from his wired headphones, an endorphin fuelled Tookey delusionally told our reporter that he thought he might finally get a run in the backs this year.

“Mate I’m feeling pretty limber, pretty fast, pretty good!”

“I just jogged from the Heights, did one lap of the Race Club, and I’ll be honest it felt like I was really opening it up along the front straight.”

Despite missing the last two months of pre-season training due to ‘family commitments’ and a month of battling long cold-like symptoms, Mr Tookey said he was more than prepared for 80 minutes of aerobic exercise peppered with full body contact.

“I’ll be a full game player this year, I’ll can probably fold in for half a game of 3rd grade if I need to!”

“Just gotta shake this cough and then I’ll be good to go!”

Speaking with Betoota Dolphins 3rd & 4th grade coach Des McGuire, the club stalwart told The Advocate Tookey was dreaming if he thought he was doing any more than 2nd-half stints off the bench.

“There’s no way he’s playing in the backs, the only jumper I’ll be handing Boof that starts with a 2 will be either 21, 22, 23 or 24.”

“The reserve grade bench numbers!”

“And if thinks he can skip another week of suicide runs then he’ll on BBQ cleaning duties until after Easter.”


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