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Brisbane Broncos fullback Darius Boyd has today reacted badly to the news that Jimmy The Jet is heading down south to the Rabbitohs.

It was confirmed a short time ago that James Roberts has been allowed to walk out of Red Hill to reunite with supercoach Wayne Bennett.

The news that Wayne got his man and has negotiated a deal for one of the most electric players in the game was taken poorly by the Broncos custodian Boyd, who is today wishing it was him.

Boyd, who played his first game NRL game this year under a coach that isn’t Wayne Bennett after following him from Brisbane, to St George to Newcastle and back to Brisbane again, begged Roberts to take him down to Sydney too.

“Please, Jimmy, take me with you,” a worked up Boyd said to the former Broncos speedster.

After Roberts informed Darius that he wasn’t actually a players agent and couldn’t really do much to help him reunite with Bennett, Boyd reportedly jumped into his suitcase and refused to get out.

“Just zip it fucking up and take me to the airport. I’ve got my phone on me now and I’ll book you some extra luggage for you and we’ll be down in Sydney tonight.”

“Come on Jimmy just take me with you.”

It’s not yet known if the situation has been resolved.

More to come.


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