A weekend jam-packed with finals football and rugby tests is set to kick off at 7pm tonight, as Australian boxing is set to showcase their first ever professional ‘2fa’ fight night.

On top of an undercard stacked with Australia’s premiere boxing talent, the ORIGIN RUMBLE will also be hosting former NRL star Paul Gallen in two seperate fights throughout the evening.

One million dollars is up for grabs, as Maroon State Of Origin icons Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant both get the opportunity to fight the former Blues captain.

Gallen (12-2, 7KO) is scheduled to face both Hodges (5-1, 2KO) and Ben Hannant (0-1) on the same evening in Brisbane, with only an hour between each fight.

Both of the State Of Origin rivals are competing to make $1 million should they defeat Queensland’s most hated man, although a coin toss will dictate who fights him first.

With Gallen boasting a fighting record that includes Tokyo Olympians and UFC stars, the odds are clearly in his favour. Boxing experts say that both his opponents will have to get inside his head if they want to take home the biccies.

However, as of this afternoon, it appears that Hodges and Hannant may be doing just that.

Steering away from the usual pre-match antagonising usually associated with heavyweight boxing bouts, both the Queenslanders have arrived at Nissan Arena this afternoon with a completely different game plan.

“We aren’t here to talk shit about Gallen” Justin Hodges told journalists moments ago.

“We wanna give him a bit of TLC”

Both men, dressed head to toe in matching camoflauge and thick-framed spectacles, chuckle.

“Yeah” says Hannant.





The media scrum gasped as it became clear that Queenslanders had arrived with plans to emulate the most successful tag-team duo in world wrestling history, The Dudley Boyz.

Sports betting agencies across Australia can now confirm that Paul Gallen’s odds have blown out for 1.04 against Hannant and 1.11 against Hodges to a neat 7.0 – as both opponents begin to shorten.

It is not known if George Rose will allow a ‘no holds barred’ hardcore match, however, reporters can confirm that at time of press Hodges was heard whispering to Hannant to ‘Get the tables’.


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