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A local geriatric from Betoota Heights has today taught a young ‘pen pusher’ an interesting lesson.

After being called down from the roof he was working on in the Heights district, Bruce ‘Bruiser’ Billson offered the Occupational Health And Safety Office interrogating him some sage advice.

“Mate, don’t fucking start me with all your red tape bullshit alright,” laughed the leathery old roofer who’d been spidering across the roof without any safety equipment.

“Have a fucking look at me?”

“Do you think I got to this age and developed this many wrinkles if I didn’t know how to shuffle my way across a roof,” he laughed to the unimpressed young ‘nerd.’

“The only safety equipment a good roofer need is these bad boys,” he said pointing down to his Volleys.

Famous for their grippy soles, the Shingle Slippers have been a mainstay for roofers for decades and are recognised as the most important tool for anyone who dances on rooves.

“Don’t give me the kangaroofer treatment,” he then continued to the young inspector who enjoys being treated like a pimply teenager multiple times a day by tradesmen.

“Fair enough I’m probably due for a new pair of Volleys, but I can dance across 36 degrees with my eyes closed.”

“We are all good aye,” he then finished walking away from the bemused inspector as if he wasn’t going to write him up regardless.

More to come.


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