With the dust settling on the most memorable Oscars in recent memory, some big film news has just emerged.

Barely hours after Will Smith stole headlines for ‘slapping the shit’ out of Chris Rock, new starlet Timothee Chalamet has kept the news cycle pumping.

It’s been revealed that the Dune star is set to play the lead role in a blockbuster about one of our very own NRL teams.

In one of the weirdest crossovers ever, the Wests Tigers will feature in the film being described as a “gritty futuristic dystopian sports thriller from another universe.”

Chalamet has been cast as a playmaker for a highly successful Tigers team of the future, where premiership rings are common, and 9th place finishes are something that only happen in a fan’s nightmares.

There’s no lack of effort, no sloppy knock-ons on simple carries, no getting dragged back into the in-goal, no aimless kicks over the dead ball line, and most importantly, actual wins of NRL games.

The inspiration for the movie reportedly came from the director catching the last round of the 2021 NRL season while out here on another shoot – a shellacking for the Tigers at the hands of the woeful Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs.

Shot in Australia, Chalamet is expected to be a cool and calm playmaker who is trying to take the Balmain Tigers Wests Magpies Merger to a record-breaking 7th straight Premiership.

However, a raft of pokie, extramarital affairs, interclub altercations, and NFT fraud sets the tone for a dramatic season that nobody saw coming.

There’s a raft of other cameos, with Woody Harrelson playing coach Michael Madge Maguire and Christopher Walken playing a Sydney Roosters Director of Football.

The movie is expected to be released at the end of the year, offering Wests Tigers fans a chance to step into a world where their team is actually good at footy.

More to come.


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