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Former footballer Barry Hall has conceded that he’s probably a bit too old to be fighting footballers that are in their prime but told The Advocate this morning that he has no regrets.

The big Victorian was knocked out by code-hopping superstar Sonny Bill Williams in the first round last night in Sydney after what was weeks of hype and hoopla.

“Well, he’s a full decade younger than me for a start,” said Hall.

“He’s in his prime, too. I’m feeling good and looking good but at the end of the night, I’m 45 and blowing a bit of blue smoke now. Not as much as, say for example, as much blue smoke as a fat yuppie’s Ozito whipper snipper where he’s fucked up the fuel-to-oil ratio and it’s filled half the street with a cloud of thick blue smog, maybe as much blue smoke as a 10-year-old one that’s been looked after by a farmer or something,”

“Bottom line is, I’m too old to be fighting footballers. Maybe ones my own age. I won’t rule it out. But yeah, a paycheque and a mild concussion. Not bad for a Wednesday night. Tell you what, the only bloke who would’ve gotten value for money last night is Brent Staker. He would’ve had a little chuckle to himself then turned the TV off. Come to think of it, he probably just saw the highlights, which is pretty much the entire fight, on Instagram the next morning like the rest of the country,”

“Oh well.”

The Advocate reached out to Sonny Bill for comment but were told by his management he would not be talking to anybody.

More to come.


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