A recent survey by ESPN Australia has found that out of all Australian sports stars, the perennially injured NBA player, Andrew Bogut, would be probably the worst possible company on a camping trip.

While iconic Australian sportspeople such as Shane Warne, Steph Rice, Andrew Johns, Warwick Capper and Cathy Freeman sat comfortably in the top ten – Andrew Bogut was ranked at the bottom of the list of 100.

Sitting just under the current brats of Australian tennis Tomic and Kyrgios as well as Jana Pittman, Sally Robbins and Michael Clarke – Bogut, despite his successes on the NBA bench, has been listed as Australia’s worst bloke to spend a weekend at Moreton with.

Bogut’s inability to unwind, get along with others and treat women with respect were listed as the major reasons as to why everyday Australians would flat out avoid hitting the outdoors with him.

“I reckon he’d get injured setting up the tents and the rest of us would have to cover for him the whole weekend” said one outdoor recreational professional by the name of Gaz.

“Plus he’d probably just start abusing us for relaxing too much”

Another respondent said Andrew Bogut’s nonchalant attitude towards very real Australian social issues is a good reason to avoid inviting him on a social outing.

“I reckon he’d sit there and tell us how good cops are. The bloke hasn’t lived in Australia for years”

Last year, Bogut tweeted that “protesting against police brutality in Melbourne is like protesting for less jumbo jets to be on highways”.

However, a week later the basketballing journeyman claimed he “did some research”, was “shocked at the number of police shootings” in Melbourne and apologised – only after abusing Australian basketballer Elizabeth Cabbage for attending a Black Lives Matter march.

Bogut’s recent slut-shaming of the female basketballer, who has done much better at the Olympics than he has, is also creating headlines – as Australians begin to get over the gloss of him playing NBA.

Andrew Bogut, however, has said he doesn’t care about these survey findings and that he has no sympathy for people who haven’t been lucky enough in their careers to win championships without playing.

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