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With the Las Vegas band The Killers all set to play at this year’s AFL Grand Final, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has also revealed the set list, containing one song and one song only.

“I’m pleased to reveal that not only have we locked in The Killers for our headline set at the 2017 AFL Grand Final, it will be an exclusive-hits-only 45 minutes.”

“What that essentially means is they’ll be playing Mr Brightside from the start of the set, until the finish – and if they don’t. We’ll cut their audio”

The Killers, who proved just how relevant they’ve been in the past few years by releasing their first new song since 2012, are an obvious choice for the AFL Grand Final entertainment.

McLachlan knowing all too well that the Half Time and Full Time concerts in the past have struggled when it comes to booking artists both time relevant, and relevant to Australia.

“We feel it’s very on brand with previous artists, relevant to our audience, and up to date with what’s happening with popular music both here and abroad.”

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers was also incredibly excited to be coming back to Australia for the first time in over half a decade.

Quickly glancing at the back of his guitar Flowers replied, “I am looking forward to performing in front of the football fans at the big sports game.”

Asked if he’d ever seen an Australian Rules Football game, Flowers simply replied, “I Never” and repeated it several times and with more and more intensity.


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