23 September, 2016. 13:34

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IT WAS A SIMPLER TIME – a time when rugby players still had collars and their jerseys and Michael Jackson was dangling babies from balconies while his world fell down around him.

Queensland Reds season ticket holder Julian Crusoe was only 13, but he remembers the first time he cried in public very well.

“They had the final up on the big screen down at Ballymore. Mum and Dad drove me down there with my friends, we were supposed to go to Sydney for it, but Dad reminded me that he’s not made of money,” he said.

Joining hundreds of other Brisbanese people on the majestic suburban sports ground, the Hutchinson Builders project manager watched in horror as the game entered extra time, with scores locked at 17 all at the full-time whistle.

“The stage was set, you could’ve heard a model fart it was that quiet. Then it happened.” he explained.

Blood-curdling screams of sheer terror rang out around the ground as the Geordie slotted a field goal from deep in the pocket as Living Australian Treasures Phil Waugh and George Gregan looked on.

“I could’ve died. The boys and I immediately burst into tears. We couldn’t believe what had just happened.”

It was then and there, in the long car ride home to Mt Coot-tha, that Crusoe and his three closest mates made a pact that one day they’d find Jonny Wilkinson and break his ‘fucking’ legs.

Now 13 years later, Julian is headed to the UK on business. While he’s not explicitly visiting Britain to exact his revenge on the retired fly-half, but if he happens to cross paths with him, he will try his best to break at least one of his limbs.

“Realistically, I think and arm is all I can hope for. We’ll see.”

More to come.



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