Friends and family of local woman Isabel Forrester have been left a little confused as the 28 year old has decided to up and move to Darwin for no discernable reason at all.

At her going away party in Betoota Heights last weekend, Forrester was asked by friends and family if she was moving for work or relationship reasons to which she replied she just wanted a change.

“Are you joining the army or something?” asked Forrester’s aunt who kind of hoped the answer would be yes.

“You’re not! Are you getting into croc farming then? Are you trying to marry a croc farmer?”

“Writing a novel? Seriously, what are you planning on doing up there?”

Having previously done a lot of travelling, friends and relatives of the enigmatic young woman expected her to start a new life in New York, London or Berlin and not a city of 132,000 mostly used as a tourism and trading stop with an average summer temperature of 33 degrees, all within striking distance of enemy missiles. 

“Maybe if she liked the heat I’d understand but she doesn’t! And good luck finding a pub showing the NRL! Fuck, do they even have sport there?”

Haters aside, Isabel says she is very excited to move to Darwin even if she won’t be able to swim at any of the beaches and all the blokes she meets will have deployment as a legitimate excuse for not hanging around long.


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