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The Prime Minister has flipped the narrative on the silly leftie journalists who are trying to destroy the country by telling them to use popular internet search engine Bing to find out what the answer was to a tricky question.

Scott Morrison is in Tasmania today and the reporters down there weren’t about to let him relax.

When asked what the under-employment rate was by a Launceston-based reporter, Scott Morrison just laughed.

“Just Bing it, brother,” he said.

“Anyone else have any brain busters for me? Or can I continue?”

The under-employment rate among Australia’s young people is staggeringly high, despite the unemployment rate being comparatively low.

Under-employment refers to people who have professional qualifications but find themselves working menial jobs like washing plates in some yuppie feedlot in the inner city or throwing shit into a skip bin.

When pressed on it, Morrison laughed again and said if you have an Arts degree and you work in a bar, for example, taking orders from a mob of corporate Johnnys with a smashing pair of man tits and a wheelbarrow tyre of flesh between their neck, you’re only reaping what you sow.

“I mean, what do you expect? A Bachelor of Philosophy and you go on Seek and there’s no Philosophy jobs? [explosive laughter] I mean, you’re not having a go if you’re doing an Arts degree,” he said.

“That’s the only way I can see someone being under-employed. Don’t even get me started on Art School [explosive laughter] Fuck me, you’d be better off serving society by letting us turn you into a protein-rich paste and feeding you to the dribblers in aged care [explosive laughter] Oh man, you lefties are too easy.”

More to come.


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