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Much like those stories about mothers being able to miraculously lift up cars off their trapped children, local woman Elena Hanneman [28] has proven that she too, is capable of superhuman strength, but only when she’s physically unaware it’s happening, it’s reported.

Her boyfriend Zane admits that he’d always considered Elena to be quite weak in the muscle department, stating that she ‘couldn’t even open a pasta sauce jar without him loosening it first.’

However, it seems that Elena is capable of having Herculean-like strength- especially if it inconveniences Zane at the worst possible moment.

“We moved in together three months ago”, says Zane, “and so far it’d been pretty smooth sailing.”

“Until it got cold.”

Letting out an exaggerated yawn, Zane says he’s unfortunately discovered that Elena is unable to fall asleep without rolling the entire doona in between her legs and clutching it with vice like grip.

“I am physically unable to pry the blanket from her fingers.”

“It’s like she gets possessed by some sort of sleep demon.”

More to come.


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