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A Betoota Heights local has this week ensured she’s well and truly kept in line with cat owner stereotypes, by not only giving her pet tabby a weird name, but also an even weirder nickname.

Unlike her mate’s who own dogs with relatively normal names (except for anyone who owns a sausage dog, which requires some food related name) Marianne Hobbs [34] has decided to rename her RSPCA rescue, from ‘Max’, to ‘Spoons.’

“I just looked at him and knew he was a Spoons’, explains Marianne, “but he often goes by his other name too.”


Not explaining the crude nickname any further, though it likely doesn’t require anymore explanation anyway, Marianne says what started as an ironic nickname has now taken over.

“I hardly call him Spoons now.”

“It’s Dingleberry, Dingles.”

“Fat fuck.”


“I do love him though.”

More to come.


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