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In a surprising twist for dessert lovers everywhere, a new study has found that adding a small amount of fruit to your fro yo can effectively cancel out its entire sugar and calorie content, transforming it from gluttonous treat to a ‘healthy dessert.’

This comes as popular places such as Yochi have transformed frozen yoghurt from something that was originally meant to be a healthier alternative to ice cream, to the modern day version of Cold Rock – because there’s nothing healthier than topping up vanilla yoghurt with melted fudge sauce, brownie chunks, cookie batter and m&ms.

However, it can now be confirmed that all of that is perfectly fine, as long as you put a little bit of strawberry or banana – even if that banana is coated in caramel sauce.

“No matter what toppings you put on it, as long as you add some fruit, you’re fine”, confirms local girl Julie Teusner, showing our reporter some froyo that looks like it’s been drowned in biscoff sauce, “it balances it all out.”

More to come.


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