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A Betoota Heights woman has delicately tried to navigate what could have been a disastrous situation this weekend, after attempts to reach for a sock lost in the back of the washing machine saw her hair getting stuck in the spinner.

Riley Shead, 28, tells The Advocate that not only had she never heard of this incident actually happening in real life, but that the only person on standby to help was her stepbrother, Charlie, who just so happened to have finished up with his plumbing and was the only one home that day.

It’s alleged to have been made all the worse when, in a state of confusion, she momentarily forgot his name – forcing her to simply call out, ‘stepbrother.’

“It was really awkward”, laughs Riley, “I just kept calling out, ‘stepbrother, stepbrother I’m stuck!”

“Help me, I’m stuck in the washing machine!”

Luckily for Riley, her stepbrother and her were able to have a good laugh about the ridiculousness of the situation while they enjoyed some pizza afterwards.

More to come.


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