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A woman has this weekend sheepishly confirmed that her outfit is from one of those aggressively bad sweatshop companies, after a very drunk girl enquired where she got her dress from.

Stepahnie Fitzgerald, 27, is alleged to have been partying at the Shifty Hen when she’d popped into the women’s bathroom, which is when the rather delightful encounter occurred  – because there’s no nicer, more self esteem boosting place to be than a woman’s bathroom at a nightclub.

As she’d popped on some lip gloss, Stephanie suddenly felt a gentle squeeze on the shoulder, as a mystery girl proclaimed she looked ‘fucking stunning!’

“Oh my god where did you get your dress from!”, the girl had practically shouted, as she’d swayed on the spot.

Letting out a small grimace, Stephanie confirms that it’s from one of those horrendous sweatshop companies but she totally didn’t know at the time and she definitely doesn’t shop there anymore!!!

“Oh girl no I get you, I shop there sometimes too”, said the girl, stifling a hiccup, “it’s so bad but they have such nice clothes!”

“But yeah, I know, it’s sooo bad.”

More to come.


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