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A woman who doesn’t spend much time online is unaware that she’s just about to become the subject of a social media firestorm, after making the mistake of putting on a charcoal face mask in front of her Tik Tok obsessed niece.

Maeve Campbell, 32, a marketing executive and micro influencer from Sydney, is alleged to be staying at her sister’s house in the Betoota Heights for the long weekend, which, despite being a nice reprieve from the fast paced city lifestyle, also means that she has to deal with her chronically online niece, Emma.

And though Emma’s self righteous nature has always been a bit on the nose, Maeve has no idea just how bad it can be. 

But unfortunately, she’s about to find out.

“I saw aunt Maeve doing blackface”, says Emma, having contacted The Advocate via Instagram dms, “This is unacceptable in 2024. How can anyone think this is okay?”

Despite explaining that the mask is just skincare, Emma insists that it’s still not appropriate.

“It’s about the impact, not the intent.”

More to come.


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