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A local woman has this week discovered she might not have to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to Italy, after getting a pretty authentic experience working in a bar kitchen.

It’s alleged Daphne Sanderson [21] had made the decision to visit after coming across a Tik Tok user who stated Italy was the perfect place to visit if you wanted to feel like a princess, because unlike Aussie blokes, Italian men apparently have no issue with approaching you on the street – which would sound like a nightmare for most women, but Daphne is oddly certain they’ll all be super hot, for reason.

This may have been spurred from a string of unsuccessful dates, leaving Daphne to make a decision that comes to the mind of every twenty something woman having a tough time – fucking off to Europe!

But to do so, she needs some money behind her – hence her new job as a bartender at The Frisky Chicken.

However, the job has now left her wondering if more attention is what she actually needs, if her standard daily interactions are anything to go by:

“Darlll I left you some chippies…nah ahhahaha, it’s thank you ‘PAPI.’”

“Babe you’re looking absolutely gorgeous today, those shorts are doing you favours.”

“Ohh hun those pigtails, why am I liking it so much hahah.”

More to come.


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