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A most common household argument was sparked over a son’s choice of entertainment. 

Liam Jackson, a middle aged father of 2 leaned backwards slowly to get a good look at what his son Jayden was watching on his mobile phone this Sunday afternoon. As soon as he spotted what he had suspected, his temper rose.

“Why would you watch people play video games? I pay all this money for the video games themselves and you just end up watching people play them instead!” grumbled Liam. 

“I dunno Dad, it’s just relaxing. Watching a streamer takes a lot less brain power than actually playing the game.” responded Jayden timidly. Given the fact that Liam was watching a show on lawn maintenance while the front lawn is more overgrown than ever, we think Jayden showed a tonne of restraint. 

Watching someone play video games instead of playing them yourself is just another iteration of a formula used for decades. We know plenty of bar hoppers and beer drinkers who loved to relax by watching Cheers. 

On further discussion we dug a bit deeper into the issue with Liam, asking if there were any other reasons he got so mad about his son’s viewing habits he added “It’s not just that he’s watching someone play video games, the other day Jayden was watching someone who was themselves watching someone play video games. Now I don’t quite understand communism but for some reason this feels like that.” 

It seems there are some issues that will persist for a little while in the Jackson household. Goodluck Jayden, seems like you’ve got a few uphill battles ahead. 


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