The unthinkable has happened in Northern NSW today as a former Sydneysider has somehow rewired his brain and might just be starting to ‘get’ Origin.

Once a local of the harbour grad, Simon Teag (44) spent the majority of his life not quite managing to get State of Origin in the way folks do further north.

Recently, Teag has found paying rent in Sydney to be about as rewarding as hair loss and made the call to move up to the north NSW town of Bulbina Heads. 

Despite being on the blue side of the border, most of the town’s 7000 odd residents are maroon on the inside and bring a level of understanding to Origin that Teag has only ever previously encountered. 

“I can feel something in here,” stated Teag as he pointed to the spot in the human heart that only Queenslanders know about.

“It’s angry but it’s…it’s…salivating somehow. Is this how it’s meant to feel.”

Considering Bulbina Heads is objectively too much of a shithole for rent to increase too much, Teag is confident it will be his home for a while and is wondering what subtle move he needs to pull in order to correct the path of time and alter his state of origin.

“I mean, my Nan was from the southern side of the border that runs through Mungindi… But her primary school was on the Queensland side”

At the time of writing, Teag’s story has reached the ears of many a Queenslander who find it adorable in the same way some gorillas learn how to use sign language.



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