A local police officer has made it clear he definitely has a dad in the force by selecting a purple Holden Commodore Ute as his unmarked police vehicle.

Unmarked police cars are recognisable by their visible antenna and the joy they spark in mum when she correctly identifies one in the wild.

Usually, unmarked police vehicles are dull grey colours so as to better blend in but for some reason police officer Phil Cunningham went with a purple commodore that he drives about as safely at the P platers he is trying to intimidate.

“Look at this bloody idiot,” stated local nonno Giuseppe Olivetti as he watched Cunningham driving down Putty street in central Betoota with Boys Light Up playing at full volume.

“He’s been watching too many of his movies.”

“If we caught him doing that back in Sardinia…”

Apart from being a great advert for defunding the police, Cunningham’s garish vehicle serves as an unintentional warning to residents to slow down as well as reminding kids that they could be a police officer one day too!


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