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Stood-down television and radio presenter Chris Smith has been yelled at by his new boss this afternoon for failing to put together a hamburger properly.

Smith has wasted no time finding new employment this week after allegedly disgracing himself yet again. This time at the Sky News Christmas Party, which is the latest in a string of Christmas Party-related mishaps suffered by the talking head.

Diners at the Cremorne McDonalds Family Restaurant, near Mr Smith’s lower north shore Sydney home, could hear his new 19-year-old boss, Sam, repeatedly shout down the kitchen at the 60-year-old.

“It’s sauce THEN lettuce, you stupid old cunt!” Sam yelled.

“Who the fuck puts sauce on lettuce? Fuck me! I don’t know where I find these people.”

Witnesses have told The Advocate that Mr Smith was also verbally chastised by management for putting tomato sauce on some McNuggets because “that’s how he likes it”.

“Who the FUCK did this?” Sam yelled to a full kitchen of recent school leavers and the allegedly disgraced former broadcaster.

Chris indicated that he did and went to explain himself.

“I should’ve known. Honestly mate, how fucking dumb are you? How can you repeatedly fuck up like this? I don’t even know if I can trust you to cook a bag of chips, cunt. Fucking hell.”

After making it clear to those at the restaurant, and management, that he would fuck up a cup of coffee given the chance, he was sent to take orders in the drive through.

Despite his protests, he went to drive through register 1. A short time later, he took Ben Fordham’s lunch order and even got to take it out to his idling German 4×4 in the car park when his double McChicken and cheese was ready.

More to come.


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