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Pulling up at the lights on Greens Road in Betoota Heights, local Uber driver Bill Stroker clunked his late model automatic Holden Cruze in park as the lights turned red.

His passenger, Butter Waterford, was confused.

She thought long and hard as to why he’d done that. Where they about to get out and walk the rest of the way? Who knows?

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, the popular city worker said she was left without answers because when it boiled down to it, she didn’t really care that much.

“It’s still strange though,” she said.

“Has it happened to anybody else before? When an Uber driver comes to a halt in traffic or something, they put the fucking car in park? I’ve never seen that before.”

And if that wasn’t already bad enough, she says, when they got moving again, he put the thing into the tiptronic bay and flicked himself up and down through the gears.

“Like he was Ayrton fucking Senna, it was crazy. I thought those things were only there for show,”

“He was acting like the only thing that separated him from Senna was the fact that a bolt wasn’t about to come flying through the window and put him into the back of the big Uber in the sky!”

“This planet has gone and got itself in a big hurry, Errol. It’s too much for an old 23-year-old account executive like me.”

More to come.


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