Scientists have today made a startling discovery in Betoota Heights, after they were alerted about the presence of a new ecosystem.

It’s alleged they were given the tip off from the pest control company ‘Papa Roach’, who’d been called by a concerned mother earlier that day to inspect some strange new developments in her son’s room.

Explaining that she’d only been made aware after hearing some strange sounds coming from her son’s room, or at least, stranger than usual, Marie Kemp [44] had steered herself for potentially stumbling into something she didn’t want to see, when she was blown away by her discovery.

As she’d pushed the door hard to get past whatever was blocking it, Marie found herself staring in awe at a beautiful, splendorous new world, filled with luscious greenery, exotic plants and creatures she’d never seen before.

“I thought I was dreaming”, says Marie, “it looked like something straight from a James Cameron movie.”

“There were these strange bird creatures that looked half bird half reptilian? And in one corner there was some kind of electrical thunderstorm, only the rain was blue.”

Speaking to the scientists who were called to inspect the room, our reporter asks how on earth this new eco system came to exist.

“We couldn’t even replicate this in a lab if we tried”, says head researcher, Linda Foe, “it’s likely the putrid teenage boy stench did something to the humidity levels.”

“That, and all the leftover cups of coke and unknown food samples, must have converged together to create the perfect host environment for new life.”

At time of print, it’s unknown if the new environment is hostile or inhabitable to anyone other than stinky teenage boys.

More to come.


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