A local man has sadly come to the conclusion that his pinger days are behind him, when he found himself spending a few hours searching for the perfect knife block.

Adam Kehle [34] or ‘Adsy’ as he was formally known, had built up a reputation as quite the loose unit back in the day, often going staying awake for days at a time and snorting enough tranqs to kill a Clydesdale.

However, after years of partying finally found him getting to the point where his serotonin receptors were truly numb to the effects of molly, Adam was forced to search for new ways to find joy. Not that he didn’t try to up his intake for any hint of a kick, or a combination of uppers and psychedelics. In fact, it’s no wonder he’s not dead, really.

So now at the tender age of thirty four, Adam finds himself searching for fulfilment outside the realm of getting shitfaced, which now seems to be getting really into cooking meat. Because nothing wets his willies more than seasoning a prime cut of beef.

But of course, a true meat connoisseur can not be complete with a proper knife set, which Adam has probably spent more time than necessary searching for, if the multiple Reddit tabs and YouTube videos is anything to go by.

Finally settling on an $300 set of ergonomically designed steel knives that he’ll no doubt accidentally put in the dishwasher, Adam gets back to his other activity, of looking up how to make beef jerky.

More to come.


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