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A local woman has showcased her greatest magic trick yet, by creating cleavage out of nothing – or ‘mosquito bites’ as her mum calls them.

Harriet Phillips [24] is alleged to have been invited to a Mardi Gras themed party this weekend, which saw a lot of glitter, sequins, booty shorts and fishnets. And that was just coming from the men.

Putting on a cute corset top she’d noticed was quite the trend in the Bondi scene, Harriet had sacrificed what little boobage she had, flattening it so as not to look like one of those Victorian women with a heaving bosom. Though admittedly, pushing her boobs down did make it a little harder to breathe.

However, this commitment to keeping it demure was quickly thrown out the window when her crush Daniel rocked up, causing a tipsy Harriet to quickly rush to the disgustingly unkept pub bathroom for a ‘touch up’ – i.e time to get the girls out.

Scowling at herself in the mirror for being so pathetic, Harriet scooped her hands deep inside her cleavage like she was fishing out popcorn, arranging them neatly so they were sitting just under her chin.

It’s alleged the two minute boob job was received quite well by other women, who drunkenly told her how great they looked, but that it failed to receive any kind of response from the intended target, causing Harriet to discern that maybe he’s more of an ass man.

More to come.


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