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Move over original thought, there’s a new, real moneymaker in town.

A number of leading local executives from a prominent South Betoota film studio have gathered today to decide which classic Australian film they’re going to remake next.

The head-honchos from United Diamantina Projects have put together a presentation, showcasing a lexicon of timeless movies, that they plan on showing investors – who will ultimately have the final say in what classic movie gets remade.

“We’re going to try to push them towards remaking Shine‘ and we’ll also angle towards casting Lincoln Lewis in the lead role of David Helfgott,” said one executive.

“If everything goes to plan, it’ll be the feel-good blockbuster of next summer. Failing that, we might just remake Muriel’s Wedding, which would be pretty cheap. Give some Neighbours and Home and Away their big feature break,”

“But personally, I’d like to remake Crocodile Dundee and make it more current, have a real hot go and getting back into the US market again. Like in the good old days. Cast someone like Hugo Weaving or a lesser Hemsworth as Mick. It would be great. No more knives, just sawn off 410s like in Chopper.”

The discussion carried on well into the afternoon, with little to no progress being made at the time of publication.

More to come.



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