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Using all of her primary school Italian in saying thank you to local barista Giovanni ‘Jack’ Chapmanio, a South Betoota mother of four asked for the air conditioning to be turned down after being personally greeted with her order ready to go by the Italian-national.

“Grazie Jacko! Come è ora?” said Angela Ikona, the owner-operator of Jim’s Hairdressing on Lewis Parade.

“Grande! E come su di te, bella ragazza?” replied Jack.

Realising she’d hit the bottom of her Italian vocabulary, the 43-year-old said thank you once again in her thick Caboolture Catholic mother tongue, took her coffee and left.

Speaking to The Advocate just moments ago from the carpark in front of Tom’s Cash’n’Carry Cafe and Toastie Bar were the Italian works, Ikona said she just couldn’t handle being in the same room as him any longer.

“God, every time he says my name in that accent, it’s like being dipped in hot water,” she said.

“Similar to what I imagine one of those acid attacks you read about would feel.”

More to come.


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