A Betoota Heights man has done his best Pinocchio impression today, by telling all of his colleagues a big old lie.

While his nose didn’t grow out like a Guillermo Del Toro stop motion wooden boy, Brad Preston was apparently fooling few at his workplace when he told them “No real plans, so just take it as it comes,” laughed the man who has very clear and distinct plans to spend the weekend playing his new Playstation. 

“Probably just take it easy and see where the weekend takes me,” he lied to Steven from accounts a short time ago, deliberately omitting the fact he’ll almost certainly be in his undies for approximately 85% of the weekend. 

With his partner away on a trip, and all of his mates still licking their wounds from a Saturday night blow out last weekend, young Brad confirmed to the Advocate that he will be ‘livvvveeeee from PS5 for the next 48 hours.’ 

Brad’s weekend plans started formulating when he snagged himself a new console this week. Once considered an almost impossible feat, Brad was convinced his easy acquisition of the new device was in fact an omen sent from the God of War himself. 

“Mate, I walked into a store yesterday and just bought a new PS5,” he laughed. 

“They were harder to get their hands on than a store ripe avocado.” 

“Now, I’m loaded up and ready to make like Kratos and head into the Nine Realms to save the world” he laughed. 

“It’s a big weekend of God of War or maybe Horizon, could squeeze in a bit of Football to school my mates too,” he said. 

While clearly delighted at his attempts of deception, Brad’s boss commented “sure mate, sounds um, lovely. Good for you.” 

More to come. 

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