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A survey conducted by Music Trends Australia has today found an amusing correlation between millennial blokes who have a vague understanding of the German language, and being fans of metal band Rammstein, who are revered for their operatic goth style tones and bizarre, theatrical stage antics that pretty much combine pyrotechnics and BDSM.

According to the lead researcher, Natalie Foyer, westerners adopting the language was quite rare before the band became popular, as learning German was ‘notoriously very fucking difficult.’

Though knowing German isn’t a sure sign someone is a fan of Rammstein, Foyer says if all they know is ‘obscure words’, then they are ‘pretty much 100% guaranteed’ to have fallen under the spell of Till Lindemann at some point in their life.

She goes on further to explain that the research also showed that people who had a keen interest in visiting Berlin usually fell under two categories, of either being really into the tech/metal scene or interested in visiting freaky sex clubs.

“Or both”, she says with a shrug, “there’s typically an overlap there.”

More to come.

(Image from Freepik, as Shutterstock was down).


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