The nation’s Opposition Leader has today revealed he’s getting tired of repeating himself.

Peter Dutton has once again taken to the mainstream media to repeat his demand for more detail on this proposed referendum.

“We need to know more about what it is that this referendum is about and what the Albanese government is proposing,” said Dutton to some sympathetic conservative shock jock this morning.

The Opposition Leader’s comments come after he decided to skip a working Referendum Working Group meeting yesterday with national leaders, to attend the funeral of former Cardinal George Pell.

His attendance at the funeral comes despite it not being a state funeral and being held outside of his archdiocese.

It also comes despite not being attended by people like Anthony Albanese, Dominic Perrottet and Daniel Andrews who are all Catholic, and people like Ray Hadley who is one of the co-captains of his culture wars team.

Regardless of the long list of reasons for not attending the funeral of the noted piece of shit, Dutton decided it was more important he show his face in the building where ribbons for survivors of child abuse were being cut off – instead of attending a meeting aimed at moving our nation forward.

Instead Dutton decided to attend the meeting “remotely” – pulling the classic zoom dial in while he does something else in the background.

That decision came despite his apparent desire to receive all of the nitty gritty details (which he refuses to specify) on the referendum and proposed legislation.

“Sorry, I had more important things to attend to,” explained the Opposition Leader who seems to be spending 50% of his working day making concerns around the Voice the most important current political issue.

“It’s really not that hard for them to just provide details,” he continued.

When asked about what exact details he was after, he refused to say.

“You know, the details.”

“Don’t play games.”

More to come.


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