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As she gets into the shower and stares down at the monumental jungle growing on the bottom portion of her legs, local woman Tracy Welsh is reminded that she’s yet again forgotten to buy a new razor. 

Which is an incredibly annoying inconvenience, seeing as she plans on wearing a dress to a dinner party tonight and the bloke she fancies might be making an appearance – and unfortunately due to modern beauty standards, her yeti like legs are unlikely to elicit a passionate response.

Unfortunately blessed with thick black hair everywhere except for head, Tracy often finds herself shaving her entire body multiple times a week to ensure she stays looking like a sleek, slippery porpoise – a problem easily avoided with laser, but she hasn’t gotten around to that either.

Though she’d also been too lazy to throw her old razor out, the rusted blades may prove to risky a roulette, seeing the last thing Tracey needs before a dinner party is rushing to the hospital for a tetanus shot.

Glancing down at her legs to the razor and then back down to her legs again, Tracy mulls over the chances of nicking herself versus the sheer effort involved in driving to her local Nightowl to buy a new one, before ultimately deciding to take it extra slow instead.

More to come.


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