A local Dad is drawing up an SWOT analysis this morning, as he begins to debate the future of his eldest son.

Sitting on the back porch of his Queenslander home in Betoota Ponds, local Toyota dealership owner Kevin Barrington (54) has realised his child’s secondary education is important enough to get out a pen and paper, in the form of a Keno pencil and the back of an old water bill.

Despite having enough money in the bank to send his son to the sandstone institution at Betoota Boys Grammar, Kevin told The Advocate that he’d prefer to send his son to a school that values Rugby League.

“Yeah I toured the grounds at Betoota Grammar but the whole place was way too stuffy for me, and I’m not that keen to watch him play Union every weekend.”

However with limited High School options in Betoota, Kevin is believed to be honestly weighing up the prospect of sending his oldest Jonathon to Betoota Boys Marist High School, a Catholic institution well known for its ability to nurture the next generation of NRL talent, as well as its infamous history of child sexual abuse cover ups.

“There’s lots in your papers about the crook history that school has, but it really depends on what end of the paper you read,” Kev told The Advocate.

“Sure there’s at least 18 ex-Priests and teachers known for dodgy stuff, but also half the Maroons and Kangaroos come from that place, they don’t call it the Rugby League Factory for nothing.”

However after realising that the threats and weaknesses of the school far outweigh the opportunity to be a father of a future Broncos player, Kev has reportedly decided send his kid to the local public high school.

“Yeah, nah it’s not worth it aye, I’ll just send him to Betoota Ponds Sports High, I think the Titans might even scout talent there every few years…”


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