An audible tribute to a happy couple was undercut today as the muso mate performing an original song at a wedding reception has confirmed that this is the present.

Musician Ned Smeat (27), stage name Ned Grace, was asked to do a song at his friend’s Jasmine and Lou’s wedding because he’s been to enough bloody things over the years and never gets to bring a plus one.

According to Smeat he immediately accepted the offer as he would have a captive audience and could skip the whole wishing well nonsense as obviously the song would be the present.

“It’s a destination wedding for fuck’s sake,” stated Smeat, who had to pay extra to fly his guitar up.

“It’s special, worth way more than a pineapple in an envelope. If everyone could write a song as payment, weddings would all be one big concert.”

The custom song Smeat performed was titled ‘My Home Is You’ and was performed with a loop pedal and voice delay effect yet Smeat still had the gall to claim it was ‘an original song’. 



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