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Local bloke James Haden has this week had quite the shock after discovering that his girlfriend Lisa not only has an interest in Formula One, but also appears to be quite the expert – including having a very in depth knowledge of drivers Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainsz and Charles Leclerc.

It’s alleged James was given this insight when he’d offhandedly mentioned scoring some two tickets to Grand Prix in Melbourne as a work perk, not expecting quite the enthusiastic reaction from Lisa as she’d practically scrambled to pack her bags.

Querying why someone who didn’t even have her licence was suddenly into motor sports, Lisa had simply shrugged and stated that she’d quite enjoyed the show, Drive To Survive, which did have some impact on her interest.

She confides in our reporter Effie, who definitely gets it.

“Formula One is actually for the girls now”, says Lisa, with full authority, “and it’s very easy to see why.”

“I love my man, but I will allow myself this one guilty pleasure.”

Going on to explain that she got stuck into F1 after seeing some Tik Tok edits of Monacan driver Charles Leclerc, Lisa says she didn’t realise how many good looking men were involved in this sport.

“AFL and rugby has some lookers, sure.”

“But Formula One does it all. They’re hot, rich, drive nice cars.”

“There’s the danger element.”

“AND they’re bilingual.”

“It’s a no brainer.”

More to come.



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