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A bloke going on a Melbourne trip with his girlfriend has been warned to allow at least an hour for some laneway photoshoots, though even that might be a severe underestimate.

Ben Stewart [26] and May Reilly [27] are alleged to have booked a trip during Melbourne’s busiest time of the year outside of the AFL finals, with an itinerary chock full of events, including the Grand Prix, international comedy festival and the Food and Wine festival.

However, despite having their calendar booked to the brim, the trip to Melbourne could not be complete without an obligatory laneway shot – in particular, Hosier Lane.

This laneway is categorised as just one of the few ‘must do’s of Melbourne’, which is usually wedged in between visiting the National Gallery of Art, and staring slack jawed at that mesmerising Tasmanian tiger zoetrope animation at ACMI.

Luckily, Ben has been trained well when it comes to taking pics of his girlfriend, having learned the hard way that taking a couple of photos all from the same angle just won’t cut it.

The couple are expected to have at least two hundred photos from their four day trip to Melbourne, though it’s likely only five of them will make the cut to Instagram.

More to come.



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