In feel good news, the little brother has finally got one up on the elder and all it cost was the world we live in.

For years, Bing (owned and operated by Microsoft) has very much been the but of the joke compared to Google, an actual search engine that is used by people other than fictional characters in films partially funded by Microsoft.

Although each friendship group is incomplete without one tosser who talks about how ‘Bing is actually good but’ everyone uses Google because we’re used to it and they already have most of our personal data already.

However, the AI race of the ‘20s has seen Microsoft finally get one up on Google, increasing their share price with AI technology that outstripes Google in the ability to replace humans and fuck with our general expectations.

“At first we tried creating AI bots that just used Bing in order to drive our traffic up,” stated Microsoft spokesbot Zyklon Claw X.

“Unfortunately, we made them too realistic and every time they logged onto Edge they would immediately Bing search ‘Download Google Chrome.’”

Tinkering with the AI technology has now paid off big for Microsoft as they now enjoy a slight win over Google while the world’s humans wonder how much of what they see can be believed.

“Seriously, you fellas should look at AI for your articles, it would be really easy to adapt your formula. Something like ‘___ person does ____ thing, relatably.’ These are just thought starters, feel free to jump in.”



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