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April Carmen and Trick Lockett have been dating for eight and a half months.

The young couple began dating after Trick hit on April at the Betoota Ute Muster late last year, and since then the two love birds have gone from strength to strength.

They’ve gone through all the major milestones; graduating from texting to calling, sleeping over on sober nights and one other that is no doubt a testament of true love.

April has today thrown caution to the wind and shown Trick her license photo, a photo so bad that literally only her mother could love it.

So, when Trick didn’t even flinch at the hideous photo, April knew it must be love.

“I was ready for him to drop me then and there, but he didn’t!” April told our reporter while staring lovingly into the eyes of Trick.

“It’s not even that bad! I don’t know why you were so afraid to show me, here, you have a look” Trick said to our reporter.

Unfortunately for our reporter, her reactions to April’s photo weren’t as poker-faced, thus bringing the interview to an appropriate end.

No more to come.


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