Self proclaimed and country mum Marge Dunkley (56) found herself yet again at the mercy of her digital adversary in a car trip to a metropolitan area.

Confused as a fly in a beehive, Dunkley states that once again she has been betrayed by Google Maps as she visits an unfamiliar area filled with taxis.

“It said to turn right on a no right turn,” stated Dunkely with an aggression usually reserved for her son.

“And, I had to go through so many tolls even though I selected no tolls!”

Dunkley’s son, Michael Dunkley, later confirmed there was no way his mother could have selected ‘no tolls’ as she understands how to use a smartphone about as well as she understands his interest in dance.

Lagardisms aside, Marge Dunkley claims Google Maps is designed for inconsiderate city drivers who see no harm in driving across double unbroken lines while you’re trying to reverse park.

“They’re all rushing with nowhere to go. Anyway I was two minutes late for my appointment.”


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