Service at the Betoota Court House is running slower than usual as public servant Timothy Greene (56) is more grouchy than usual after running on only one lunch break.

An honest man who works a demanding nine day fortnight, Greene states he is passionate about his job processing summonings, affidavits, and a bunch of other things that our reporting team didn’t understand and hence stopped listening.

However, today Greene has not been his usual bland self and instead has had a case of the grumps that would see him be offered a Snickers in a universe where everything is advertising.

“I haven’t even taken second lunch by the way,” stated Timothy, hoping he would garner sympathy from people waiting hours to apply to divorce their abusive partners.

“And I got here early too, been here since bloody 8:50 in the Goddamn morning.” 

“That first afternoon tea can’t come soon enough.”


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