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The bloke in question, Dominic Hynes, 36, is said to have been attending the show with his son when he’d spotted an attractive woman wearing white cowboy boots and a sequin dress, which Swifties will recognise as a costume from part of Swift’s ‘Fearless’ era.

Wearing a set of shin swingers himself, which were paired perfectly with a chain wallet, and checkered vans, Dominic could be seen giving himself a pep talk as he mustered the courage to approach the stunner waiting in line next to him, who was just about to fork out $15 for a mango seltzer.

Finding the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression, Dominic quickly opened his velcro camouflage with a loud rrrripp, and pulled out a $20 like it was 2003 all over again.

“Please”, he’d said, handing over the cash as he locked eyes with the woman, “it’s on me.”

“I take it you’re probably not here to see Blink 182.”

Letting out a giggle, the woman introduced herself as Sara, and confirmed that no, she wasn’t here to see the American punk band.

After a series of back-and-forth banter in front of their embarrassed children, it can be confirmed that Dominic was able to score Sara’s number, and could be heard happily blasting the song ‘Fell In Love’ from the new Blink 182 album, ‘One More Time’, on the way home in his panel van.

More to come.



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