A local mixologist has just put on a show down at the Betoota Heights Imperial it can be confirmed.

The arts graduate (majoring in French Studies) from the University Of Betoota named Hugo Wren did so when serving up a couple of patrons some of ‘the most epic cocktails in town.’

The once quiet locals joint which ticks along on the back of problem drinking and gambling addictions has made an effort to rebrand as something a bit different, and as a result, has been going hard on its cocktail happy hour specials to lure some new clientele in.

That ploy has meant that young overqualified Wren has been excessively flipping bottles in the air, like a boss.

While many of the regulars don’t care much for the fancy drinks and his best flipping goes unnoticed, a happy-go-lucky couple of middle-aged women strolled in this afternoon and decided to give the young Bachelor the chance to show off.

Making up the signature cocktail of the Impie, as it’s known to locals, Wren made sure to roll out the red carpet for the tourists.

“Haha, watch out ladies, this is a bit dangerous,” he said as he whipped out the blowtorch and fired it up.

“Badass hey”

Setting about his work light flaming the drink to the backdrop of the ladies giggling, the mixologist had a moment of introspection, which he quickly pushed aside.

Finishing his job with a quiet satisfied smile Wren passed the drinks over to the overawed ladies, poured a Betoota Bitter to a local without exchanging a word and disappeared outside for a smoke.


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