A conservative family is dealing with the concept of karma today as the parents return home from a European holiday to discover their house was the site of a rowdy night of underage binge drinking.

Returning from a European Alpine region they would not share the name of for fear regular people would find out about it, Vivianne and Dickirk Vanderton entered their home via the front door you could drive a car through to discover their home was a mess.

During the last weekend of their holiday, the Vanderton daughters, Milliane (16) and Waverly (14), decided to throw an absolute rager of a party.

Featuring recreational drugs, a TikTok heavy playlist and over 100 other privileged youths, the sisters hoped their party would boost their social status and more importantly, stick it to mum and dad for not taking them overseas this time.

Usually accompanying their parents overseas, Vivianne and Dickirk elected to leave the girls at home this time as they have important exams at their expensive school and have spent most of their previous holidays on their phone anyway.

So to prove that they are more than a pair of feminine teenage stereotypes, Millianne and Waverly allowed their friends, and their friend’s creepy cousins, to enter their home and ruin absolutely everything.

Upon returning, the Vanderton parents discovered their alcohol cabinets empty, the bins overflowing and a pool resembling an art installation about garbage island.

“No! They had the last of my vintage!” stated Dickirk Vanderton, looking upon the empty bottles of his short lived wine label.

“That was the only wine on the Australian market vinified specifically to pair with sushi!”

“Pardon my language but I am irate!” 

According to father Vanderton, his daughter’s outcry has enraged him to the point where he is actually thinking about disciplining his daughters.

“This is really making me think twice about taking them with us to the Caymans next week.”

“I’ll downgrade them to economy plus, see how they like that!” 

“Haha, imagine that. No no I think the trauma of worrying about getting in trouble is punishment enough. Plus, I’d never hear the end of it.”


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