As one of Australia’s leading financial experts and crypto enthusiasts, I have my finger on the digital pulse of all things cryptocurrency. 

And that’s why I feel compelled to write about an emerging social crisis topic that no one is talking about.

Crypto bro sadness.

It’s real.

I hope you were sitting down for that news. Yes, the club of cryptocurrency kings worldwide has been so sad lately.

At every crypto seminar I go to these days for my paid public speaking gigs, sadness seems to permeate every nook and cranny of the room.  

Why is no one talking about this?

Most of you would have heard of the latest crypto binfire, FTX, where seminal crypto bro genius Sam Bankman-Fried lost billions of other people’s money by being a typical 30 year old crypto bro and making dodgy as fuck choices.

It’s such a sad situation. I mean, there’s been some messed up pyramid schemes over the years, but this one is pretty much the worst one of all. 

And it’s made our darling crypto bros a laughing stock. Our Lamborghini driving, incel living, Instagram influencing crypto bros are a laughing stock, and it is making them sad. 

Crypto bro sadness is now so prevalent that we are hearing very little from the usually prolific-content creating crypto bros via social media anymore, because everything they’ve ever said has turned out to be a lie.

Like how they said ‘stable coins can’t fail’. ‘FTX can’t fail’. ‘Your investment is risk free’. ‘Crypto is the future of money’. ‘NFTs are the future of art’. 

These things were said with such confidence, from a place of such intellectual superiority, that you begin to understand the shock to the massive egos the current state of the cryptosphere would be for our sad crypto bros.

For egotistical megalomaniacs like our sweet crypto bros, it is literally impossible to be wrong, and even more impossible to be proven wrong time and time again, without starting to feel real human sadness.

But no one is talking about this. No one cares. And I for one think it’s time that changed. 

So if you know a sad crypto bro, please reach out to them. Buy some of their altcoin tokens and tell them you still believe in crypto and all the lies they’ve been telling you.


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