Betoota Heights Optometrist, Kieran Colmslie is shining a light on the lesser-known pressures facing professionals like him.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, the local eyecare expert beleives many people underestimate the difficulty of keeping a straight face while checking someone’s eyes.

”It’s just so funny. You should see it from my end hahahaha” says Keiran.

It’s a daily struggle for the men and women in this line of work, as they fight tooth and nail to not burst into laughter when faced with an innocent patient gleefully looking at them through perhaps the goofiest medical equipment in allied health.

While the science used to test and treat eyesight has advanced rapidly over the years, optometrists say that for every minute saved with new technology – they are burdened with a belly laugh that must never see the light of day – out of respect to the patients.

Keiran says the number one cause of workplace crack ups is the phoropter – also known as the refractor.

”Man, it gets me every time he said”

”Like every half hour, every single day since we first ordered it. It’s never not funny”

Commonly used by eye care professionals during an eye examination, the refractor contains different lenses used for refraction of the eye during sight testing, to measure an individual’s refractive error and determine their eyeglass prescription.

As Keiran points out, his quality Japanese-made Refractor Head leaves huis patients looking like a combination of Star Wars StormTrooper and a masquerade ball host.

”It’s a tough job” says Keiran.

”It’s even worse when they are good lookers. Even Brad Pitt would look like a goose in the refractor head”


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